Have you ever watched a WOW moment in your life? That was the feeling when I gazed at this clip. The feeling was just lively.

I watched it and called my wife who just uttered “wow that is so sweet.” It is the kind of clip you watch, and you can’t avoid sharing it with your friends. It was a wow moment for my friends and me.

Watching this clip makes you appreciate the nature and beauty of dolphins. By watching the clip, you understand why One World One Ocean has a firm stand in conserving the serenity and magnificence of the ocean and dolphins.

One World one Ocean organization captures a clip of magical moment between a dolphin and a dog. Two organization members take two dogs for a ride in dolphin waters in a bay boat.

The crew is approached by two dolphins that swim towards their boats. One crew member walks to the side of the boat and by a show of hand instructs the dolphin to kiss the dog.

Amazingly the dolphin spy hops and kisses the dog so intense such that the records brilliantly capture the sound of the kiss. The dolphin jumps in joy as it swims away.

The magical moment would not have been successful without the help IMAX classic and DOLPHINS by MacGilivray Freeman Films.

One World One Ocean believes in protecting and advocating for safety and conservation of dolphins. This video show the importance of the fight that One World One Ocean organization fights for these beautiful creatures.

Let show the world the importance of dolphin species and why they need to be protected. Would it be possible to live with and walk with a dolphin I would walk with one.

No creature in the world can be compared to the compassionate beauty of dolphins. And if you don’t believe me just check the video above.