Have you seen this incredible whale encounter?  How excited would you be to see a mother gray whale and her calf up close?

I watched it with a smile on my face… Thats AMAZING!!!! A dream come true!!! OMG!!!!

To the amazement of boaters, a mother of a whale decided to give them the experience of a lifetime. This happens at San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico as a group of boaters are enjoying the beautiful water. Then they see a mother Pacific grey whale and her calf incredibly close.

The calf becomes so close to the boaters that they reach out to touch it. It’s then that the calf starts to rise up out of the water as the boaters start to call out in their excitement. As some reach out to put their hands on the calf, they realize that the mother is actually lifting her calf up to show her to them. When you hear the screams of one of the boaters you can feel the chill rise up your spine.

The mother and her calf slowly switch sides of the boat. She comes up and seems to look at everyone while her calf comes up again all on its own. The boaters point out that the calf is actually looking at them. They start to move away as if in no rush at all to swim away from the humans.

It’s one of those videos that you know something bigger is happening. The way the mother held her calf up shows how safe she felt.

It’s a beautiful way to see how the ocean when treated properly can offer such gifts. To hear and see the excitement in the partakers of this moment makes you want to be on that boat. It’s such a great video you need to see for yourself.